Co-operative Care & Handling Course

This mini course gives you 12 bite sized video tutorials to help boost your dog's confidence with being handled and groomed.

You'll have instant access to watch the videos at a time to suit you.

The aim is to build your dog as an active and willing partipant in handling & grooming, to reduce fear and build trust. This will ultimately make day to day care easier, as well as vet visits more manageable

The course covers:

  • Touch, Chin Rest & Lie Flat: so that your dog can hold a steady position
  • Bucket Game: Teaching your dog to sustain a position whilst being handled
  • Cone Game: prepping your dog for wearing a muzzle, or a vet cone
  • Dig / Scratch: to teach your dog to file down their claws on a scratch board
  • Middle handling: using your dog's safe space for handling
  • Collar work: making restraint fun!
  • Harness desensitisation: building confidence with having a harness put on

We only train using positive, reward based training methods

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