Hoop Tricks Challenge

Welcome to the Hoop Tricks Challenge!

This course will bring some fun to your training! Teach tricks helps to boost confidence, improves focus, teaches problem solving skills and is great for relationship building!

We'll be releasing 1 video tutorial per week until we run out of tricks to teach with a hoop!

You can join in with any breed or age of dog, and we'll be covering

  • Jump through the hoop
  • Pick up the hoop
  • Pick up the hoop and spin
  • Sit in the hoop
  • Go to the hoop from a distance
  • Double hoop jumps
  • Platform jump through a hoop
  • Backup into the hoop
  • Go under the hoop
  • Running hoop jump
  • Hoop weaving
  • Fetch the hoop
  • Say prayers on the hoop
  • And more!

You can try out our first lesson for FREE! Sign up today, no strings attached and see if it suits you!

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